Samon Machines


Samon Machines is a part of Ellens Landbouwtechniek BV.  

It is a specialised manufacturing company in the agricultural sector with the well-known onion harvesting machines as the main group.

Founded in 1950 as an agricultural mechanisation company in the Noordoostpolder (Northeast Polder), which was reclaimed from the former Zuiderzee in 1942, Ellens landbouwtechniek BV in 1978 branched out to manufacturing agricultural machinery under the name Samon. Since then, production has grown from 100 to 300/400 units per year, leading the company to abandon its mechanisation operations in 2010 in favour of focusing solely on the manufacturing of agricultural machinery.

Samon products include:

  • onion harvesters
  • onion haulm toppers
  • onion loaders
  • potato tanker harvesters
  • self-unloading crate trailers
  • bottom unloading/conveyor belts

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